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Descending the Spiral Staircase

Title: Descending the Spiral Staircase
Author: H.F. Beaumont
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 978-1796047714
Pages: 536
Genre: Thrillers & Suspense/Action Fiction
Reviewed by: Tony Espinoza

People don’t always realize it, but physically and emotionally we are always taking on projects which involve creation and construction. From the physical construction of a home or property to the emotional construction of a relationship, respect and courtesy between ourselves and others, construction plays a vital role in our lives. As Lily Tomlin once said, “The road to success is always under construction.”

In author H.F. Beaumont’s Descending the Spiral Staircase, a story of a landscaper taking on a massive project becomes a twist and turn style story that leaves readers on the edge of their seat. As a landscaping project on a mansion’s grounds takes place, uncovered secrets from previous homeowners and occupants leads to a murder investigation, the discovery of hidden money from bank heists, tunnels and so much more. However, the story evolves into a character study that examines our own relationships with loved ones and friends, taking responsibility for our lives and how we can use construction to shape our paths in life.

This was a well written, lengthy and engaging read. The author does a great job of utilizing both narrative and character growth to really make the story shine brightly throughout the book. The detailed way the author incorporated the landscaping aspect of the character’s arcs really helped elevate the narrative to new heights, utilizing the author’s personal experiences to give the story some authenticity and weight.

This is a book for those who love a healthy mix of different genres, from aspects of the thriller genre in the form of a murder investigation to family dramas involving parents and the way they treat their children or even the way husbands and wives interact with one another, going from a us-vs.-them mentality to a cohesive, singular voice. The author finds a way to naturally blend these genres and keep a wide audience interested in the narrative, a feat that not many authors have managed to do.

Descending the Spiral Staircase is a brilliant, entertaining, long yet thrilling read. With natural character progression and a healthy mix of genres, this is a must-read novel that is going to keep many different readers engaged.

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